Focaccia, the most delicious Italian flat bread!

“What do you miss most about Italy?” that’s the question I’ve been asked more frequently here in US. Well, I can find good ingredients in the groceries which help me cooking a decent Italian dishes. There are pizzerias owned by Italians that although pretty expensive might help in saving a … Leggi

Keep calm and make “focaccine”

We moved to Seattle 2 months ago and we almost have everything settled: children started preschool and kindergarten, bureaucratic things were done,  and some basic home and kitchen accessories have been bought. Ok, maybe some of them cannot be called “essential” but they were essential for me 🙂 . “To do list” … Leggi

Traditional lasagna bolognese (english version)

It’s time to make pleased all my friends around the world. So, here you are for you the most known, cooked, posted and delicious Italian recipe: lasagna bolognese. I have to admit that everywhere I went I found people that could cook this delicious dish, one country one taste. You can find tons … Leggi